Medically proven HAIR GROWTH

“How to grow hair, reduce hair loss, have more hair?”
“I have receding hairline”
“My head is getting bald”

These are are very common requests from anxious patients, both male n female.
Medical doctors in Aesthetic and Medical Clinic, we can help to retard and sometimes help restore hair. As we only use medically proven products and medically proven procedures.

What is the process like?

1) Complete medical exam and hair history
To find treatable medical conditions like iron deficiency n thyroid problems
Once the medical conditions are treated, the hair will regrow
2) Blood tests if necessary to confirm medical problems
3) In-house treatment protocol by a dedicated team
4) home care products
5) education and the expected results

What is the cost like?
There is a full range of protocols to suit most .
Any pain? mild usually. More like warm sensation.
Any side effects? mild usually.
We have a dedicated hair treatment team and proper follow up

Disclaimer: aesthetic medicine, as in all branches of medicine, results do vary.
The earlier the treatment, the results will be more satisfactory.

Side effects: scalp allergy, scalp irritation and scalp redness.
Most can be prevented by following instructions correctly.



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