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Aesthetic procedures, as in other branches of medicine, results do vary.

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Dr Joseph Yang

Dr Joseph Yang.

41 years of medical experience 1978 to 2019 and hopefully counting.

Dr yang picI have always been inclined towards the surgical disciplines.

In Otolaryngology (ENT), I was excited to know that it was possible to drain quinsy with a well placed stroke of the scarpel. The relieve on the patient’s face was immediate and gratifying.

In Orthopedics, debridement of diabetic foot ulcers and amputation of gangrenous limbs taught me about the pain of chronic diseases and aging.

In Neonatology, I honed my skills in fine work. I needed to catheterise tiny umbilical cord arteries to save premature infants,

After more than twenty years of Dermatology Experience, 1987 to….

I learn that patients expect doctors to heal recalcitrant ulcers that other doctor cannot help.

I am to save toes and legs rather then just cut them off. Such expectations led me to study wound healing and the science of ulcer dressings more deeply.

I spent one year in Middle Road Hospital under the tutelage of the pioneer dermatologists in Singapore like Professor Ranjan and Professor Chan Heng Leong. I also spend one year in Cardiff, Wales, under the tutelage of Professor Ronald Marks for advanced exposure.

Professor Ronald Marks commited much of his laboratory work into basic research of the dermatological sciences. He led the Cardiff team in its quest of Vitamin A research and skin aging. He took part in the third generation of Vitamin A, which represented the beginning of aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic Experience, more than 20 years, 1988 to ….. present

In England, I became familiar with the idea of a Social Disability Quotient regarding Acne and Psoriaisis. I understood then that simple acne is emotional trauma to its sufferers. The introduction of vitamin A third generation is a break through. For the first time, we can cure pimples rather than just suppressing them antibiotics. I was among the first to acquire a carbon dioxide laser. I also used fillers to transform eye bags without downtime or surgery. Today this same technique is given a nice name of liquid face lift with the introduction of more elegant fillers.

I am one of the founding fathers of SAM ( Society of Aesthetic Medicine , Singapore), a life member of the Dermatological Society of Singapore, a Life member of the Medical Association of Singapore and the Fellow of the Academy of American Dermatology.

We run an Aesthetic practice in Orchard Road, Wisma Atria. First in Singapore to operate 2 Zeltiq and to operate Pico second laser.

Dr Theresa Yap

My calling to be a doctor stems from a young age, and as I grew up, I developed a sensitive character and a feel for people.

I enjoyed starting my own clinic. Being a people-person, I was able to connect with and even be a confidante to my patients both young and old, many of whom are now good friends.

I was particularly affected by psychological stress that I often see affecting both the young and the older patient.

It included the teenager’s scourge from acne, his lack of self esteem due to his oily red pimples and scars.

The pigmented face in a more mature woman.

I am particularly struck by the reality of aging in a menopausal woman, her worsening moods, depression and a host of other problems affecting them due to the hormonal changes.

I wanted to do more to help and therefore went to do a post graduate Diploma in Dermatology, research into anti aging, natural hormonal therapy and aesthetic medicine.

I feel it is imperative to help restore self confidence and help make life normal and happier for these affected.

When a person looks better, one’s whole personality changes and improves, be it the young or old. I am known as Lady Aesthetic doctor in Bedok and Orchard Road.

A person must be “beautiful” both inside and out; indeed beauty is not just skin deep.

Character development is also equally important. It is my passion to take the opportunity to speak to a teenager on character development or to a mother on parenting. Many times I have had the joy to help bridge some generation gaps, and plug some leaky relationships. That really makes my day!

In the same vein, character development if moulded early is often easier. Therefore I find it my contribution to society to give talks in schools on parenting and education.

Help and Support

Dr Yang and Dr Yap have been actively promoting the well being of orphans and young adults in third world countries.

They have helped in setting up of orphanages in Myanmar and Cambodia, training of village teachers, providing free tuition programmes for the poor, raising funds by singing in concerts in Philippines for the victims of Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption,anti malaria programmes in Nagaland India and earthquakes medical relief in China and Indonesia. We also provided help to orphans from Nagis Typhoon.



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