Dr Joseph Yang, why do I have wrinkles?

An ever-common question.

According to Uitto J: Understanding why our skin ages. Found in New England J of Medicine 337:1463. 1997. It has been firmly established that the sun is a major contributing cause ( photo damage/solar damage)

Today with our ever scientific research, we have managed to ameliorate this relentless process.

Recommended Treatment Plan

Steps to tackle wrinkles –

  • Have good skincare regime – use a lot of moisturizers
  • Consider¬†getting Botox or MICRO B by Dr Joseph Yang
  • The current gold standard face laser Picosure is excellent for treating wrinkles and even at prevention stage
  • Face fillers – using hyaluronic acid to plump up the face .Almost instant results

When will you see results?

Results can be seen and felt in 2-3 weeks time .

Wrinkles seem to have faded or lightened.

Important is to start taking care early rather than wait -by then ,more costs is involved

Procedures like Botox and MICRO D costs $300 onwards

Procedures like face laser Picosure will cost $400 onwards

Procedures like Face Fillers will start from $1100 onwards

It is advisable to have maintenance program

DO NOTE: wrinkles may take 2 t0 6 weeks for good results.

You may need additional modalities of therapy.

Note: Recurrences do occur.

Side effects: Dryness of skin, lips, eyes and nose can occur. Do inform your doctor if this occurs.

In some patients, wrinkles may worsen temporarily with the initiation of treatment.

Disclaimer: result does vary.

DO consult your doctor early.



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