Medical Grade Products

“Cosmetic, do you have any good ones to recommend Dr Joseph Yang?”
“Dr Yang, I have 10 cosmetic products to use, so confusing …… “
” I am confused by so many opinions.”


We only propose the following:
4 steps

First Step

Please make sure you do not have any skin disease, sensitive skin or face allergy. If not sure, do consult your doctor or come to see us.

Second Step

show to us all your skin care products

This is because of all face or skin care products leave behind chemical residue on the skin of your face. Even after a good and rigorous wash with a generous amount of water and towel dry.

This residue layer of chemical is the main cause of facial skin allergies. As a result, most of us are dissatisfied with our skin regimes. Our face skin usually turns red, itchy, flaky, rough, sensitive, with uneven tone and even colour and with many fine wrinkles.

Therefore, after careful examination, we have acquired an excellent Mineral Wash II. It floats away all chemical residues. Its main component is a surfactant. As such, the face feels deep clean.

In summary, no more chemical residues in the skin. Our skin will get better with time.

Third Step

Add Mineral Sun Block after mineral wash II. It is not oily, gives a matte look and easy to apply. We have 6 types of Mineral blocks to suit your skin types. It protects against ultraviolet lights UVA UVB UBC. It improves the face skin.

Fourth Step

Mineral night repair, apply before sleep. To enhance the natural healing process while you sleep. It is also anti-ageing and a super moisturiser.

For the more mature skin, both male and female, we formulate Ex-factor and D factor. They gently rejuvenate the skin and restores even skin tone. Hydrates skin, decreases freckles, reduces spots and less wrinkles.

Supper BOOSTER…..All natural antioxidants. Medical grade Collagen tabs for those who need to encourage a good skin rejuvenation. All natural, Proven and Safe.

Cost: $4 to 48 a day. Two tabs twice a day.

Disclaimer: results do vary.
Side effects: 1) face allergies are notorious to predict. As such, we would need plenty of time. We will add one product at a time. Some products may not be suitable.
2) Entrenched face allergies are not easy to treat. One needs plenty of patience and to trust our doctors.
3) Any redness or itchiness must be reported quickly.
4) It takes time and procedures to retard ageing.


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