enlarged pores are common

Can enlarged pores be helped?
Another very common question from my patients.
YES, in many cases.

  • We have 5 different laser systems to reduce/improve open pores
  • We have specially formulated pores creams
  • We have antioxidants to reduce the inflammations
  • We have neuromuscular modulators to soften pores.
  • We do combine with soft fillers.

There may be some pain during the laser therapy but most patients feel a warm sensation instead.

Our Lasers are FDA approved, proven to be Safe, Comfortable and Effective.

This is because it is controlled ENERGY in picoseconds like in picosure laser.

Side effects: Treated areas will feel warm for approximately 2 hours, just like being exposed to the sun. The following day, there may be mild skin peeling. This is because the “dead skin” or the superficial layer is in the process of being renewed and removed.

Disclaimer: Results may vary by each individual. The patients with severe pores may take longer to heal.

Cost: From $500 depending on the severity of pores.

Today we can Manage/help Pores

We have 6 laser systems. Only safe and reliable lasers are used to improve pore size. We source only for FDA approved and reputed lasers worldwide.

eg: LASERs made by HOYA ConBio, a company that combines both well. Crafted lens technology from Japan and Nd Yag laser technology from the USA.

It also heralds a new development in a new form of energy delivery called PhotoAccoustic Therapy, employing the use of EO-Q-switched PAT frequency Doubled Laser Technology.

Advantages of using Laser energy for pores improvement.

Laser is energy in its PUREST form. There are no chemicals involved.

Disclaimer: some patients may need 8 to 10 sessions to see visible results. Result do vary.

Side effects: This includes skin dryness, redness, peeling and some downtime.

Price is $400 to $600. A package of 10 combined therapies would be effective.

THE LATEST technology for Scar/Pore therapy:

RADIO SCARLET TO help PORE SIZE and scars. Radio Frequency technology at the tip of the applicator. Motor controlled mechanism gives consistent results. The procedure takes about 30 to 45 mins per session. This new method is EFFECTIVE and SAFE as pure energy is used.

Disclaimer: Results may vary due to inter-patient variability.

Side effects: This includes redness of the face, peeling, some pain during treatment and skin tightness.

COST: $500 upwards.



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