• lumps and bumps

  • Are very common

  • Most have no consequences

  • Some are rather nasty

Seek professional advice early

The main problem is many seek doctor’s advice rather late!

It is easier to manage lumps and bumps  EARLY.

Most lumps and bumps are benign – just that they may not be aesthetically pleasing to look or has begun creating much discomfort.

some may need to be biopsied to rule out malignancy.

 Treatment Options

Dr Yang has several methods to treat lumps and bumps

  • Medical level creams to calm or sooth
  • Medical level products to treat your main concern
  • Lasers like CO2 and  PICOSURE available in our clinic

NOTE  : Numbing cream and/or injection may be offered

When will you see results?

Results may vary due to inter-patient variability and lumps severity.

KEY Note: Recurrences do occur.

Side effects are not common.

Disclaimer: result does vary.

DO consult your doctor early.



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