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Why do I have pigmentation?

Usually due to sun and genes. As we age, the skin and its supporting tissues lose its ability to repair. As such skin becomes thicker, pigmented, dry and dull.

Moreover, the time the skin takes to replace itself, known as the cell cycle time, also lengthens.

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cause of pigmentation

The most damaging cause of pigmentation is the sun:  use sun BLOCK ALWAYS.

Ultraviolet light(UV light) penetrates very deep into the skin, EVEN through HAZE, clouds and snow! UV stimulates the melanocytes, the cells that produces dark pigments. Therefore the skin darkens. UV also damages the fibrinocytes that keep skin subtle. The end result is old, dark and loose skin.

how can Dr Yang help?

  • Dr Yang will do a careful skin analysis
  • Photograph the skin damage and pigmentation
  • Sun Block prevents damage by UBA, UBB, UBC light
  • Anti pigmentation cream and anti-pigmentation tabs
  • Our speciality, We combine 3 to 7 skin lasers

Dr Yang has the good Standard Laser Called Picosure

The advantages of PicoSure and RevLite are:

1) It is pure light energy, therefore little side effects
2) Some/ bearable/ little pain during the laser procedure
3) We may add Ascelpion Dermablade skin laser to remove dry skin
4) We may add Nd Glass fractionated skin laser
5) We may add long pulse ND yag skin laser to remove stubborn dark spots
6) We may add CO2 laser to remove benign mole, dark spots, skin tags
7)  Pico Sure laser is HERE, ,,,, friendly n effective


anti pigmentation creams:
Specially formulated by Dr Yang for oily skin types, more mature skin types

or the younger skin types

or the more bad sun damaged types

anti pigmentation tabs:
We have 4 types of safe anti oxidants to suit all age groups. All are very safe.

What Do I expect?

Pico Sure is HERE. The rather pain-free way to treat pigmentation melasma, brown spots, acne black spots, wrinkles and tattoo.

1. Medlite, Rev lite Nd Yag, NOW WE HAVE PICO SURE …..very useful.
2. It produces a very short pulse in nanoseconds to pico seconds
3. This produces a photoacoustic effect/Blasting effect
4. It shatters the ink particles in the skin into fine particles.

Side effects: early complications include blisters, redness, pain, crusts, and itch.

Late complications include increased or decreased pigmentation, textural changes,scarring and tattoo shadow. Tattoo is designed to be permanent.
As such it is Not easy to remove.

1) The pigment clears in many cases, of course to varying degrees
2) the skin feels smoother
3) You look aglow, radiant and bright
4) the skin actually becomes radiant, smoother and more supple
5) all pigments recur with sun and aging

The main reason is that the subcutaneous tissue,the epidermis, the fibrocytes
are stimulated. And the whole skin regenerates with the help of the laser energy.



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