Eye Bags

What makes us look older?
Eye bags / Dark eye circles / Wrinkles at side of eyelids / Sagging cheeks /
Sagging face / Wrinkled face/ hooded eye lids

Science of Eye bags
& dark eye circles

Dark eye circles and eye bags do occur when we are still young. This is because genes play a large part in its genesis. A classic example is atopic eyelids in the very young.

But, most importantly, also caused by sun damage to the skin around the face and photo ageing.

Science of dry skin, wrinkled
skin & dull skin

As we age, we lose skin tone and skin water (hydration).

The skin cells become less turgid.

The cells turn over rate (cell cycle) slows.

We use plenty of moisturizers. But is of no avail as almost all cosmetic grade moisturizers are of animal or vegetable in origin. Human is unique.

What we actually lack is internal moisturizer called HA (hyaluronic acid).

HA is now produced safely and carefully in Good Class BPO manufacturing facilities.

The science of Dropping cheeks/Dropping jawlines/Dropping eyelids.

As we age, the collagen that supports the structure of the skin loses its strength.

The elastic fibres lose its elasticity. as such, it also rebound less.

Therefore our cheeks look droopy. This saggy look is further exaggerated by bone resorption, especially the maxillary bony prominence. We loss our youthful “apple cheeks”.

The other features that we used to like also drops. Some say we go south.

How to remove eye bag?

How to reverse the southern pull of ageing and gravity?

Liquid Face Lift

We use HA, called tissue water, to replace the hydration that is lost.

In many cases, there is no need of surgery, especially if the face skin droop is moderate. Therefore early intervention is important.

We used to fill in the troughs and valleys of the face with FDA approved fillers. Today, it is the pair of keen eyes, the accurate placement of fillers at the exact points that is the key.

Choose your medical doctor carefully to prevent any dreaded complications.

Take your time to find a skilful and patient doctor.

The end result is a fresher looking and well -defined face.

The latest method is to use a mixture of sharps and blunt cannula so as to prevent any dreaded complications

Can restore to me a fresher look, without surgery?
Yes, in many cases, to different degrees of improvement.

The skin and its underlying connective tissue are raised in 3 layers by different FDA approved tissue water.

This method restores the skin.

We also follow along the bony prominence, to help restore the bone of the face

It is better to have a series of correction over a period of 2 to 12 months. This is to ensure that the collagen and fibroblast cells can fully integrate into the fillers. Our tissue is growing well and face skin looks better.

Disclaimer: the result is variable, as the human face is complex.

Side effects: bruises, swelling and discomfort. Most are mild and gets better by 3 days to a week. Skin necrosis has been reported worldwide.

Radio Face Lift — Scarlet/SlyFirm

Better know as fractionated micro needling with radio frequency. RADIO FACE LIFT is the current technology for Nice/Bright EYES.

# numb cream is needed.
# There is no need for the knife if sagging is moderate.
# some may notice improving results from 1 session.

Safe? Yes, as we use only pure radio energy to stimulate cells regeneration.

8 regions of the face can be contoured to look good.

  • Tightens forehead
  • Lifted eyebrows
  • Rejuvenate eyebrows
  • Tightens upper eyelids
  • Tightens lower eyelids
  • Raises the cheeks
  • Well defined jawline
  • Reduce double chin

Disclaimer: results may vary, as the state of collagen degeneration is variable

Side effects: micro bleeding, bruises, swelling, redness. Most will be better by 2 days. Some may feel more pain then others.

Eye Serum, Eye cream & Eye recovery

A common request: To improve dark eye rings/ circles

Answer: try eye serum and eye creams.

Eye Serum, Eye cream and Eye recovery.

There is a family of organic products discovered from fruit trees. There are mild and not irritating to the sensitive skin around the eyes. They can be incorporated into your face care routine.

Disclaimer: results do vary.

Common side effects: skin allergies and skin irritations. Do inform us early.

Eye Circle Antioxidants

These are tablets made from vegetables and fruits. They are safe as they are free from chemicals. There are negligible side effects as their functions are used to promote the growth of skin of good melanocytes and improve blood circulation. There are 4 types in my clinic.

Disclaimer: result do vary

Side effects:
usually very mild ones like stomach upset. Best taken after meals.

Revitalash with eyelash extension is also available here. Revitabrow for more defined eyebrows. It will enhance your now pretty eyes!

Disclaimer: result may vary.



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