1. Scars are not easy to treat. Medical Aesthetic practitioners are doctors. Not magician. 

  2.  A scar is a fibrous tissue formed after an injury. The more severe and the more extensive the injury, the worse is the scarring.
  3.  Scar tissue usually feels hard; of different texture; of different colouration to normal skin.
  4. With the advancement of laser technology, almost all kinds of scars can be ameliorated. It is near impossible to make scars disappear completely.

  5. Rejuveran and other fillers can also be employed to hasten the process of amelioration. 
  6. The old favourite knows as subcision may still be useful.
  1. How to cure pimples, remove acne, get rid of acne scars and spots? 

  2. The best lesson to learn is still this: prevention is better than cure.

Pimple scars/ acne scars are better off when you seek medical attention early.

Pimples, also known as acne, is a medical condition. There are 16 degrees of acne severity and each stage is treated differently by your doctor.

In the past, treatment for acne was very limited. Now, with medication and a few good laser systems, most acne can be managed well.

The main problem is many seek doctor’s advice rather late! It is easier to manage acne EARLY.

A workable treatment protocol

Dr Yang have to make acne treatment protocol into steps; so that his patients can follow instructions religiously.

  • 1 anti-acne face cleanser
  • 1 anti-acne cream
  • 1 anti- pigment cream
  • 2 types of tablets
  • 2 types of lasers, if acne is severe

When will you see results?

Results are highly variable. Depends on lifestyle, stress level, and age.  Some may see results within a month. Many patients are relatively cleared of acne by 4 to 9 months.

The current cure rate of acne/pimple is about 70 to 90%. This has been proven in double-blind medical trials worldwide.

Results may vary due to inter-patient variability, genetic makeup, acne severity and willingness to stick n the protocol religiously.

Approximately cost of treatment is $300 to $1600 per month, depending on severity.

1) Facial acne usually takes only 4 months for good results.
2) Acne of the back or body needs 1 to 2 years to be cleared. Acne cysts, whiteheads, blackheads will need additional modalities of therapy.
3) Recurrences do occur.
4) all other kinds of scarring are difficult as well
Side effects:
1)Dryness of skin, lips, eyes and nose can occur. Do inform your doctor if this occurs.
2) In some patients, acne will worsen temporarily with the initiation of treatment before it gets better.
Disclaimer: result does vary.
In summary, good skin, clear skin, acne free skin, pimple-free skin, less oily skin, are all possible. PLEASE DO NOT SQUEEZE YOUR PIMPLES.


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