laser tattoo removal

An effective method to remove tattoo is by laser

A good standard laser employed is picosure 755

We treat different coloured tattoos

Tattoo is Permanent

  • Tattoos are meant to be permanent.
  • We have Picosure and Enlighten to treat them
  • We use FDA approved picosecond lasers only. They are fast, efficient and less discomfort as compared to previous lasers.
  • Picosure and Enlighten work effectively on multicoloured tattoos.
  • Picosure is effective in shattering of the ink particles without harming the surrounding tissue.
  • Even so, we do encounter difficult cases occasionally.

Treatment plan

  • Tattoo removal is not simple.
  • Even if you do opt for the current Gold standard lasers, it will require many sessions.
  • The keys are a full history, a careful examination by Dr Joseph Yang and plenty of time for the tattoo to be lasered off gradually.
  • Dr Yang will develop a treatment plan to meet your individual needs, especially if you choose not to have skin textural changes

When will you see results?

  • Results are highly variable. You need to return in 6-8  weeks for a careful review.
  • The number of treatments is dependent on ink characteristics, size, location on body and lifestyle habits.
  • For those who prefer scarless and little skin textural changes, the process is time-consuming.
  • Cost  depends on size, colour, the number of colours, the age of tattoo, your own genetic makeup and what you have done to your tattoo before.

Side effects: 1) may scar

2) skin texture may be altered

3) herpes may appear

4) blisters may occur

5) You may need more sessions of laser treatment sessions then expected.

6)Disclaimer: Results do vary.