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Beware: may be gruesome  to some.

"Nose job", "Nose filler", "sharper nose"

Nose, nice nose, higher nose, longer nose.,

Asian nose, nose tip, nose bridge

Chin, Nice chin,.

The ancient believes the nose reflects the character of the person.

Today, nose is the bridge that marries the two eyes and gives radiance

Today, some say "CAT WOMAN " looks more sexy

Because her nose was made more regal


Nose job without knife and plastic implant?  CAN?

1) YES: Nose FILLER,

we use Filler for nose enhancement,

All natural-like

The nose will still feel fleshy and soft

2) The procedure is relatively painless in my hands.

We do use numb cream and a local anesthetic.

3) We can have the nose bridge that is higher,

Nose tip can be more perk

4) The MOST unexpected Result, is that Your eyes will look bigger.

5) The end result, is that You just look more attractive.

6) Some may need the CHIN ENHANCED also,

This is TO MAKE FACE LOOK MORE oval in shape

The Result is To create a balanced, sharper n younger FACE

7) There is no scar as no knife is used.


8) Minimal down time,

Many are/can be happy the next day.


9) High satisfaction rate


The most common feedback from patients is:

"My admirers are surprised to see

that I look prettier, but does not know

what has changed. I just look much

more AWAKE."


Disclaimer: result does vary. If one is not sure, one can try temporary filler.

side effects: nose bruise, much less if the doctor uses a blunt cannula, mild swelling that usually subsides by 4 days, one may notice a lump.

The nose can still be corrected the next one week by the doctor. Some times the patient may need a few more fillers, especially if the nose is very immature.

Some may be not liker the new nose. It is better to feel up the nose over a period of time, gradually. Skin necrosis is rare. 

price $1000 per syringe

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You may want to know that one can choose to enhance 9 key regions of the nose.

1) supracilliary arch

2) infra palpebral flod

3)root of the nose

4) dorsum of the nose

5) Ala of the nose

6) correct shape of nares

7) Apex of nose

8) nasal septum

9) base of philtrum

At the same time, the Chin can be enhanced for a longer face, a more proportionate face,

a more pleasing Oval face, A softer look, A more attractive face

NEW METHOD for nose job


to help achieve TIGHTER NOSTRILS.


to help attain a LESS FLARED UP NOSE.

We can avoid surgery and scars.





Enjoy your chin

Disclaimer: Result Do Vary. Take your time to consider

side effect: the most common is too high an expectation. One can look better, but not the most pretty.

As only fillers are used, the enhancement is up to 6 or 12 months. One does need to top up.

Some noses do lasts for years as collagenesis takes place.

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9118 0142

9654 4831



Treatment Highlight

Added Value (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

  • Acne, Pimples
    No more pimple. No more acne.
    No more zits. Wa.
    The psycological uplift from a clean and clear face is beyong words.
    The person seems like a new creation. He /she becomes much more confident, can look at friends in the eye, and much more out going.
    The face is radiant. No need tonnes of concealer. No need the hassle of constantly looking at the mirror to touch up the face.
    There is no need to suffer from the look of strangers. No need to hide. No need to be shy.
    There is this more easy stride. There is this happy and carefree swing. Life seems perfect.
    You just need to see us in our clinic to enjoy this liberation.
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