Hair Removal by the laser is the current gold standard.


All other methods like shaving, epilation, depilatories, bleaching, electrolysis, IPL are outdated.

Our protocol for laser hair removal

Careful and complete medical examination is essential

  1. All of us have different skin types, hair thickness and hair density.
  2. Some may have issues with the ingrown hair.
  3. Some may love to tan themselves.
  4. Some have tried many other methods with poor outcome.
  5. A detailed history of what you have done to your hair too is a very good guide for our medical team.
  6. It is important to consult Dr Yang first before we design a good protocol to remove your hair safely .

The current gold standard laser for hair removal Gentle Max by Candela.

  1. Gentle Max laser system is a grande madame in the world of employing the laser to remove hairs.
  2. It is proudly invented by a well established US Candela. 
  3. It can tackle most hair in many skin types as it has the wavelength of 755 and 1064 in milliseconds.
  4. We also have wavelength 755 1n2 1064 in nanoseconds, RevLite and in picoseconds, Picosure and Enlighten.
  5. In short, we have all that is necessary to remove your hair gently and nearly painlessly.

Many can go shopping after procedure

The protocols for the varies parts of the face and body are different.

  1. $400 upwards.
  2. Results do vary as hair and skin is a huge variable organ.
  3. Patience and a healthy lifestyle are very important too.

Can laser hair removal be permanent?

  • Most doctors would say no.

  • However, if your doctor and his team uses Gentle Max exclusively and employs the protocols developed in the East, they would be able to achieve permanency.

  • This is an example of employing the best in laser technology

  • This is an example of hunting a good team effort and its consistency in results.