Body Contouring

How to get a body like before?

  1. The current technology is to contour the body and both thighs for a more shapely feminine body non invasively.
  2.  The current technology can also assist in obtaining 6 packs in both female and male non invasively.
  3. The current technology can assist in male breasts reduction non invasively too.
  4. New areas will be added with current technological advances. It changes nearly yearly.

Medical Examination

A medical examination to ensure that you are healthy.
Good to have: 5C diet or a balanced diet or fat-free diet.
Good to have: A personal trainer to guide you and aerobic exercises.

Dr Yang has many fat reduction machines to assist you in your quest. We would design a UNIQUE combination of machines suitable for you.

  • 2 Zeltiq machines (FDA approved)
  • AMC Ice Shock
  • Invasix Fx for skin tightening
  • Thermage body tip for body
  • Liposonix (FDA approved) for inch loss

What is Zeltiq Coolsculpting?

It is an American invention: fat is frozen safely by the machine. The frozen Fat is then metabolised by the body. We now have 2 ZELTIQ Machines, as such, freeze done in half the time.

Minimal pain, no needle needed

No surgery

Safe & effective weight loss in many cases

No need for liposuction in many instances

Many can go shopping after procedure

What is Zeltiq good for?

  • Best for body contouring, remove fat bulges, hour-glass shape for women, V shape & 6 packs for men and help improve post liposuction results
  • Contour love handles
  • Slim your upper arms, bye bye arms
  • Reduce exercise resistant fat
  • Reduce FAT at the back, Bra level
  • reduce Big thighs
  • Tighten n reshape buttocks
  • male breasts reduction

COST: $500 to $700 per spot. Results do vary.
Healthy lifestyle is very important.

LIPOSONIX (FDA approved)

  • Safe, effective, no blood & no need of surgery
  • 1 pant size down in 1 session in 1 hour of treatment
  • Liposonix is ultrasound to melt fat under the skin
  • It is NOT liposuction

Disclaimer: Results do vary as each individual fat is different.
Side effects: the most common side effects are bruising, discomfort and mild swelling.

WE HAVE DONE > 8000 spots with all 7 machines with good results. WE HAVE THREE EXPERIENCED female THERAPISTS.

AMC Ice Shock & Body Tight

AMC Ice Shock – Smaller suction pad for smaller areas like arms, shoulders, Bra lines & back fat. In addition to fat freeze, an acoustic sound wave is added to break up the Fat cells.

Body tight – New technology to break cell wall of Fat cells by 3 unique methods. Electroporation High Voltage Pulse for destruction of Fat cells and Radio frequency for heating the skin and body shaping.

Disclaimer: Results do vary.
Side effects: localised bruises, mild swelling, cold urticaria.

Note: Manage your expectation, especially if one has a very raised BMI. It takes time for the fat to be metabolised n shape to return. A healthy diet, aerobic exercises, and determination are required.

Cellulite Can look better

We have a dedicated team to treat these areas. We use a safe combination treatment of AMC ice shock, GMAX, INVASIX handpiece. As such our results are good.

Can help contour, lift and tightened. 11 areas of the FACE and NECK.

Cost: Range from $800 to $1500.

Disclaimer: Results do vary.
Side effects: Pain, swelling, redness, pigmentation and scarring.

Most side effects can be managed by following instructions given.

What is 5C diet?

It is now known by doctors that the BRIGHT colours in our tropical veg and fruits are actually very good chemicals. These chemicals are useful in protecting the cells in our body against ageing and sun damage.

Therefore the 5C diet is to remind us to eat all the five coloured food in our daily diet, for example,

  • Green: Any green veg/green fruit like green apple
  • Orange: Carrot, oranges
  • Purple: Beet root, purple-coloured grapes
  • Red: Red apple, chilly
  • Yellow: Banana, yellow pumpkin

One easy way is to blend all the 5 different coloured veg and fruits in a simple blender and drink it as breakfast.

This is also an example of FAT-Free and high fibre diet. Very good after FAT FREEZE.

What is a FAT-FREE DIET?
Our diet has 3 main groups: Fat, Carbo and Protein. We can attain a Fat-Free Diet: eg. by eating steamed/bake/Grilled/ wrapped in foil/ Chicken breast with no skin or any kind of fish.

For amazing taste, filled/infuse the chicken breast/fish with spices. We can enjoy the nice flavour of proteins and spices without the FAT in the skin.